Ghost, Ghost Come Out Tonight

Outdoor Experience

By: Catherine Bush

Ian and Liz Cromwell have just purchased a remote piece of woodlands on which to build the house of their dreams.  One evening, they invite their best friends, Bruce and Claire, to tour the property – an outing that leads to beers around the campfire. When questioned as to how he was able to buy so much land for so little money, Ian reveals that the woods are haunted by a pitchfork-wielding ghost bent on revenge.

Everyone scoffs at the idea of ghosts – until a long-forgotten childhood game leads to a gristly murder – or two.  Is the ghost responsible – or are other forces at work in these dark woods?

Join us for an outdoor, immersive experience of this thrilling play that is sure to put you in the Halloween spirit!

Rated PG-13 and runs from October 6 – October 29

Outdoor Theater

Sponsored by Ken & Grace Patton

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