The Playhouse offers top-notch classes in musical theater, acting, baton, ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, clogging, hip-hop and contemporary styles for all ages. The Playhouse Education program also offers classes and private instruction in voice, acting, stagecraft and musical theater.

We welcome students who want to study all three and become a true “triple threat” performer—the actor who can sing and dance, the dancer who can act and sing and the singer who can act and dance!

From high school stages to Broadway, directors are always looking for triple threat performers. However, you don’t have to want to become a professional to benefit from Triple Threat training. Think of the life lessons learned. When you’re trained to be comfortable on the stage, you’re going to be comfortable just about anywhere.

All of our senior teachers in dance, music and theater are working professional performers. They continually enhance their teaching skills with advanced workshops and classes around the country, performance work at the Playhouse, productions at other regional theaters and dance companies, and in New York training studios. Student instructors have trained for years, and have performed with the Playhouse professional company and professional directors extensively.

Many students enjoy the opportunity to audition and perform in major Playhouse musicals, plays, and dance performances. Our CCPT3 education year brings opportunities in several professionally mounted productions. Every student also gets the chance to perform in our annual Education Performance in the spring.

Enrolling in a class is one of the best ways to get involved in Playhouse musicals, plays, and dance events. Even more important than the world-class training and technique found in our classes, is the discipline, confidence, poise and conditioning shared by our students and teachers. As theater, music and dance professionals, we are in the business of bringing joy and excellence to audiences of over 150,000 folks each year.

In the same way, we nurture both creative joy and a high standard of excellence in every class, for every student. Such creativity and excellence make a difference in every life.


It’s someone who can act, sing and dance, all equally well. And for 50 years, the Playhouse has been known for cultivating young performers and raising them to such a high level that they’re able to perform alongside seasoned professionals. Classes are about more than just performing: students will have fun, receive world-class instruction and learn lifetime lessons in discipline, confidence, and collaboration.

What makes the Playhouse Performance Education classes stand out from the crowd? In addition to being the only facility that offers a well-rounded education in all aspects of theatrical performance, all of the Playhouse’s senior teachers are working professional performers. They continually strive to enhance their teaching skills with advanced classes and workshops. They continue to perform in Playhouse productions, as well as regional theater and dance companies across the country.

Students also have the unique opportunity to participate in master classes presented by visiting teaching professionals.

Many students enjoy the opportunity to audition and perform in major Playhouse musicals, plays, and dance productions. The education year offers opportunities in several professional productions… and every student gets a chance to perform in our annual education performance in May.  For more information, call (931) 484-5000 and speak to Caitlin Schaub, Education Administrator (extension 105) or Weslie Webster, Education Director (extension 123).

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